Non-Compete Agreements May Limit Your Future

Non-compete agreements are usually signed by employees when they start a new job.  Generally, this document is nestled-in with numerous other forms that an employee is expected to complete without adequate time for review.  These agreements are designed to restrict individuals from participating in any activity the company considers to be in competition with its business.   Individuals are also restricted from a specified geographical territory.   These restrictions generally take effect throughout employment and for a specified time period following the employee’s eventual departure from the company.

Courts have held that these agreements are sometimes overly restrictive and unenforceable, depending on the duration of the restrictions, the specified geographical territory, and the types of services restricted. Even if the agreement is unenforceable, the company threatens or engages in litigation to interfere with an individual’s right to engage in commerce.

It is important not to enter into a non-compete agreement unless you understand how it may affect your future.  Rich Daugherty can review the agreement with you to determine if it’s not in your best interest. In some instances, he has negotiated with employers to make the terms of a non-compete more reasonable.

If you have been given a non-compete agreement, contact Rich Daugherty for an initial phone conference.   Rich represents clients throughout North Carolina and is available to meet with prospective clients outside of Chapel Hill when circumstances permit.  Evening appointments are also available.

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